My most recent work has been as a Unix Administrator (Linux/HPUX).

Throughout the years at different companies, I have worked in PC support, Programming on Tandem and Periphonics COBOL systems, and in other areas of IT where I was needed.     

I have extensive background in managing HP K, N, and V- class servers. I have been instrumental in re-architecting environments. I have setup V and T-Class servers in a MC/Service Guard Clusters, running oracle and other proprietary databases. Making sure that they each have plenty of spare capacity to take over the total load in the event of a failure.

I am settled in omaha, where there is plenty of opportunity for everyone in I.T. related fields. Over the years I have worked as a consultant for individual's and business's , setting up and maintaining HP, Linux, and pc servers, along with networking and software support. Need help on a project? Take a look at my resume and see if I could be of service. Read it Here

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